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Personalised Lanyards ideal for security and access to events, conferences and other premises

Personalised Lanyards are perfect for managing and controlling access to events or premises. Such as places of employment, conferences, festivals and public gatherings. The list is endless!  Easily identify your personnel and visitors, or keep security key cards readily accessible.

With a personalised design, Lanyards are also ideal for promoting your brand. Choose from a variety of clips and all our Lanyards come supplied with safety breaks to keep users safe.

Types of lanyards

All our lanyards can be customized with different printing techniques to achieve amazing results even for the most complex designs.

Printed Lanyard

Printed Lanyard

With printed Lanyards, your logo and design is printed using a by screen printing process. The ribbons are made of stitched polyester with very strong screen printing.

Advantages of Printed Lanyards:

  • Economical in large quantities with 1 colour logo
  • Great contrast between base colour and logo colour
  • Up to 4 printing colours of your choice
  • Material and logos can be printed in any colour
Standard Woven Lanyard

Woven Lanyard

Made with polyester fabric, they are characterized by their robustness and resistance. In these lanyards you can directly weave your logo, slogan or motive. In these lanyards you can directly weave your logo, slogan or motive. They are especially suitable for knitting single-color patterns, which also reflects the negative motive on the back, and result in high-quality advertising.

The woven lanyard is, without a doubt, a point of attraction for your business and a useful high quality promotional item and a daily article for your customers, employees and business partners!

Sublimated Lanyard

Sublimated Lanyards

With our sublimated Lanyards you can print logos in full colour with no customization limits. This type of printing is also called heat transfer. The ink is transferred into the Lanyard material by hot pressing. Eye-catching gradients and photographic prints can be created throughout the Lanyard.

Advantages of Sublimated Lanyards:

  • Economical in small quantities
  • Multiple colour combinations at a low price
  • Striking design effects such as blur
  • Printing can be achieved over the whole Lanyard without cuts
  • They are softer than Lanyards in screen printing
  • Fabric and logos can be any colour
    An economical and safe method to promote your festival, company or event. You can choose a rainbow of colours at no additional charge.

With the Sublimation method, you can use fantastic photographs and radiant colours. The heat treatment ensures images are fixed permanently and will not disappear with friction.  Perfect for promoting your festival, event or organisation and available with safety breaks and a variety of clips.

100% Polyester

Our personalised Lanyards are made from high-quality polyester fabric. Available in different thicknesses and choose from a variety of safety breaks and clips.


One of the main advantages of our Lanyards is there relatively low cost. They are even economical in small order quantities which is why our minimum order level is only 100 units!


Made with high-quality fabric, our Lanyards are durable and long lasting and the print on our sublimated Lanyards is resistant to chafing.

Fully customizable lanyards

Thanks to our visual editor you can design your lanyard in a simple and intuitive way and see the final result at the moment.

Design your own silicone wristband now

Lanyards Summary

Essential in any type of event

Lanyards are the perfect solution to manage and control access to events, festivals and places of work. Highly visible, they are also ideal for promoting your brand, Charity or cause. You can choose from a variety of safety breaks and clips.

With Lanyards & Wristbands you know you can rely on us to create customised, high quality, great value Lanyards. An industry leader with more than 5 years experience, delivering excellent customer service time after time.

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester
THICKNESS: 15 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm